About Dinsmore

What is The Dinsmore Homestead?
The Dinsmore Homestead is a unique historic site where visitors can learn what rural life was like in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Nature enthusiasts enjoy the hiking trails developed in cooperation with the Kentucky Nature Conservancy and the Boone County Parks Department. It is a resource for students and scholars and an area where artists can sketch and paint. Those who enjoy antiques and historic interiors delight in touring the house that contains the original accumulated belongings of five generations of the Dinsmore family.

The Dinsmore Family
In 1839, James Dinsmore purchased approximately 700 acres in Boone County, Kentucky. He and his family settled there, growing grapes, raising sheep and growing willows for a basket-making business. Their house was completed in 1842.James and Martha Dinsmore had three daughters, Isabella, Julia and Susan. Isabella married and had two daughters, Martha (Patty) and Sarah (Sally). Susan died at age 15 in a boating accident. Julia never married and inherited the farm in 1872. She operated it successfully for 54 years until her death at age 93. A published poet, she kept a detailed journal of her life on the farm.The Dinsmores were a well-educated and well-traveled family.