The Dinsmore Homestead offers a variety of educational programs for people of all ages.

School Programs

Children’s Lives 150 Years Ago
Designed for students in Kindergarten through Third Grades, this program allows children to imagine what it might have been like growing up in the Nineteenth Century.  For this reason, there is less of an emphasis on the Dinsmore family itself and more of an emphasis on comparisons between yesterday and today.  Activities included in this program are:
– Tour of the house focusing on artifacts & how they were used
– Hands-on chores that children would have done in the past
– Hands-on games, both indoor & outdoor, from the past
– Learn about children’s clothing of the past
If the teacher wishes, students will go to graveyard & learn about death in the 1800s

Antebellum Kentucky Farming
This program is designed for students in grades 4 through 6.  Created to complement Kentucky History, issues of agriculture, labor, and gender will be highlighted.  Students will be asked to adopt the identity of a historical figure from the Dinsmore Homestead, either a member of the Dinsmore family, an enslaved African American, or a member of a tenant family.  Activities included in this program are:
– Tour of the house, with students imagining their own role with relationship to the house and the
Dinsmore family.
– Self-guided discovery tour of the outbuildings, including the graveyard, used on the farm, focusing on
how their character would have fit in to the world of work around them.
– Hands-on parlor & outdoor games played by different groups on the farm, focusing on their different
purposes to different groups.

Rewards of Research Program
For Middle School teachers & High School teachers, you may create your own program based on our primary sources.  A few examples would be:

Primary Source Discovery
Students will be introduced to primary sources through a discussion of what documents qualify, how they are used, and why they are important.  A tour of the house and graveyard will emphasize what docents have learned about the Dinsmore family & 19th century history through primary-source documents and artifacts.  In groups, students will look at primary sources pertaining to a member of the household and present a short biography of that person.

Slavery & Reconstruction at Boone
Students will be split into three groups:
– A tour of the Dinsmore home will introduce students to issues of race, class & gender and how
slavery affected those who lived on the farm.
– Students will analyze primary source documents to learn more about slavery and the Dinsmore family
– Using a map students will investigate sites & buildings that add to the reconstruction story at
Dinsmore, with a follow-up discussion

Outreach Programs
Currently being developed to take the Dinsmore story and historical programs to area classrooms.

Day Camp– The Dinsmore Homestead offers a unique pioneer day camp each summer to educate and acquaint children with life in the 1800’s.

Scout Programs
Scout programs are currently being developed. If you are interested in bringing your scout group to Dinsmore, please call the Education Director to discuss program possibilities.

Several programs for children and adults are offered throughout the summer months.  Please check our Calendar of Events under “What’s Happening” to find out what is scheduled for this year.

Adult Education
Past programs have included: Mountain Dulcimer-making workshop
Heirloom Plant workshop
Craft workshops
Teacher workshops
Hearth cooking

For more information about any of the Dinsmore Homestead’s education programs, please Contact Us. or email Cathy Collopy at

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